Tips for a natural first-aid kit

Nausea, diarrhoea, cold: there can be a number of disagreeable surprises during holidays. It may be of help to have the appropriate antidote in the luggage. Healing plants such as passion flower, chamomile and peppermint can rescue many a travel.

Before departure

The days before a holiday can be stressful. Many things have to be done and the excitement (e.g. before a big mountain tour) increases. Some people are so nervous and uneasy they cannot sleep at night. In such cases, passion flower herb may help, as it is used as an herbal calmative in case of nervous restlessness. Drink an herbal tea infusion two to four times a day. In case of acute disorders which persist longer than a week or recur periodically, a consultation with a medical doctor is recommended, though.

Prevent nausea

Turn by turn the mountain pass curls upwards: the views are great but many a co-driver only becomes sick during such a trip. Those may try ginger before their next travel. Ginger has a calming effect on the stomach and thus prevents malaise.

On the plane

Dry air, icy air-conditioning and fluctuations in pressure: a flight is stress for the whole body in many different ways. There it can be profitable to have packed such a multifaceted healing plant as peppermint. The essential oil of the leaves has many beneficial effects: antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving, calming and disinfecting. In the form of a tincture, the remedy can be easily carried for a travel and is uncomplicated to dose. It can be used in case of colds and light headaches.

Gastrointestinal disorders

Exotic food and unfamiliar climate can afflict the gastrointestinal tract. Consequently, gastrointestinal disorders and diarrhoea count among the most frequent health problems in travellers. So, well proven remedies should not miss in a first-aid kit. Traditionally, chamomile flowers are used to support digestion. Therefore, this healing plant is a popular ingredient in herbal tea infusions for the gastrointestinal tract. An infusion can bring quick ease in case of gastrointestinal disorders. Those who suffer from constipation during travels may try Indian flee seeds. They contain a high part of soluble fibres which facilitate motion.

During long-distance travels, the English rule of thumb applies: "Boil it, cook it, peel it or forget it." Should a disease with diarrhoea occur anyhow, it is important to see for a sufficient liquid intake. In case of unspecific, acute diseases with diarrhoea, an herbal tea infusion of dried blueberries can be drunk. However, please observe that cases of diarrhoea that persist longer than two days, or are accompanied by blood in the stool or increased temperature, a medical doctor should be consulted. Diarrhoeal diseases in babies and small children always require the consultation with a medical doctor.

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