Salus Herbal Tonics

The healing power of many plants has been known for generations. Salus has taken this knowledge and developed it further, bringing together specific healing plants in the form of tonics. In the spirit of our holistic philosophy of health, the plants are far more effective as a whole than they are as a sum of their individual effects.

Most of our liquid preparations have been created according to the principle that the herbs enhance each other's effects. Salus tonics support and strengthen the organs, body functions and metabolic processes.

Therefore, while treating a specific problem, we are also supporting general body functions.

All of the tonic recipes and their production processes are in tune with the modern understanding of herbal medicine. Vitality and regeneration for body and mind: Salus tonics are beneficial compositions with a pleasant taste which may help to protect health and increase natural vitality. 

All our tonics are free from chemical preservatives, artificial colouring, flavour and genetically modified agricultural raw materials.


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