Production of fresh plant juices

The fresh plant juices of Schoenenberger are something special because of the unique, gentle production procedure. Through the pressing of the fresh plants, almost the complete spectrum of efficacy of the ingredients is preserved.

Schoenenberger successfully joins tradition and awareness for nature in naturopathy with most modern production technologies for the sustainable production of high quality natural medicinal products within a holistic system. Since autumn 2007, production has been taking place in the new and modern premises. The production facilities, the facilities and laboratories for quality assurance and the logistics facilities have been built according to the current technical standards. However, the principle of production with the modern production sites is identical with the traditional procedure which guarantees the company's success for more than 90 years.

Before harvest, the healing plants which will be used for the pressed juices are permanently controlled. They are harvested when the optimal active ingredient content is achieved. The early morning harvest is delivered from the fields of the surroundings. Then everything has to be fast: the fresh plants are cut as quickly as possible, and carefully stacked in single layers into the plant press. Then they are pressed with a pressure of up to 17 kg per cm².

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