Tea production

Salus counts among the few manufacturers of tea in Germany, who hold the complete production process in one hand, from the raw material and analytics to packaging. Since 1916 Salus has been producing medicinal and food tea specialities with utmost care.

The basis for the diverse, well-balanced herbal tea blends of Salus are carefully selected high quality herbs, fruits and spices from organic cultivation. The herbal tea constituents are analysed in the Salus-own laboratory with extensive controls for possible residues of harmful or foreign substances and also for their value adding components.

Preservatives and colourings are not used for Salus tea blends. Our focus in tea production lies on a particularly gentle processing in order to maintain the important ingredients of the plants as far as possible. What is special here is that all healing plants used in the Salus food tea are of pharmaceutical quality. All Salus tea specialties are produced at the company site in Bruckmühl, Upper Bavaria.

Bath tubs full of tea

Would you pour hot water on all the filter bags produced at Salus during one year, you could fill more than 97.000 bath tubs full of tea (13.620.000 litres).

In order to free our high quality raw materials as herbal tea and medicinal plants from possible pests, they are treated in a disinfestation machine in a gentle way with pressure and CO2. We completely renounce from insecticides or other toxic chemicals which would heavily strain men and environment. Instead of chemically synthesized CO2 we use natural carbon dioxide from volcanic origin. This way an additional strain of the atmosphere with the greenhouse gas CO2 can be avoided.

We are especially proud of our automatic sorting machines for herbs. They are unique in the world and have been created especially for the use at SALUS Haus. During the harvesting, drying, storing and transporting, all kinds of foreign parts as small stones, threads or rests of packings are mixed with the herbs. For a long time, those foreign parts could only be removed mechanically and the herbs had to be re-sorted by hand. Now, the automatic sorting machines allow a so far unachievable quality of the raw materials.

More than 200 different herbal tea blends are produced at Salus. The single raw materials are carefully blended according to the respective recipe, weighed and homogeneously mixed. In fully automatic packing lines, the tea blends are then filled into filter bags or loosely into block bottom bags.

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