Raw materials

A pharmaceutical or a food product is always only as good as the raw materials it contains. For this reason, we at Salus lay utmost care on the thorough selection of the herbs, fruits and spices for our products.

The majority of the raw materials come from certified organic cultivation mainly in Germany and Europe, but occasionally also in e.g. South America. The cultivation process can be monitored, influenced and traced without any interruption. The environmental factors at the cultivation site are known to Salus and thus can be specifically taken into consideration. It is particularly important for us that our high quality requirements are well implemented and met with. Critical subjects such as pesticides, heavy metals or PA's (pyrrolizidine alkaloids) become controllable to the greatest possible extent.

A smaller but still important role plays the wild collection. Here we lay importance on the qualification and the quality consciousness of the collectors, and also on the environmental compatibility or sustainability of the collection. In case of an organic-certified wild collection the focus is laid on the sustainability which is inspected on site: the collection shall not put in danger the ecological stability and the conservation of species. Additionally it has to be provable that at least 3 years before the collection, the collection areas have not been treated with remedies not allowed for organic cultivation.

We purchase collected herbal drugs mostly from traditional South-East European collection countries. A smaller part of herbal drugs also comes from Germany. Typical herbs from wild collection are e.g. black berry leaves, birch leaves, mistletoe herb or rose hips.

All raw materials, no matter whether from cultivation or wild collection are submitted to the same strict quality controls. We use organic raw materials whenever possible, also for many herbal pharmaceutical preparations where the organic origin of the raw materials is not explicitly mentioned. As a matter of principle, we do not use any raw materials of agro-genetic engineering origin.

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