Product philosophy

Salus offers a total of 650 different products, including tonics, elixirs, medicinal herb teas, herbal teas, spice teas, drops, capsules and tablets.

All Salus products – generally also foodstuffs – are tested according to the strict criteria of the pharmaceutical law. The products are the result of all our effort and knowledge. As a matter of principle we are against the use of genetic engineering in agriculture for food. Therefore, the products stand for environmental commitment, support of organic cultivation, sustainability, biodiversity, social responsibility and the creation of training positions.

This is what specifically distinguishes the Salus products:

  • Good tolerability
  • No use of genetically produced agricultural raw materials
  • No use of chemical preservatives
  • Only natural flavours, if flavours have to be used
  • Control of raw materials in the laboratory – organic raw materials whenever possible
  • Environmentally friendly production and packaging
  • Packaging which protects the products and their ingredients in the best way possible
  • Tea bags with knotted label threads without metal clip at the bag
  • Highest herb quality due to high-tech sorting machines
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