At one with nature

The human being is part of nature. If we hurt nature, we hurt ourselves. The very own interest of Salus is therefore to avoid negative effects of the products to the environment, or – if this is not possible – to keep them as low as possible.

The Salus group set itself 13 environmental guidelines, to which all Salus employees commit. Moreover, we introduced a comprehensive environmental management system (EMAS) comprising all company areas – from purchasing to production and shipment of the products. Salus has been participating in this eco-audit since 1996 as first company in the health food sector and was even able to improve its high environment standards. EMAS is more than a management system, because it is performance oriented. The company should improve beyond the legal requirements regarding environmental issues. Therefore concrete aims and measures are stipulated in a so-called environment programme and the implementation is controlled.

Every three years we publish an environment report indicating all actions and data regarding the environment and our ecobalance:

Being a role model regarding environmental protection, Salus joined the "Climate Protection and Energy Efficiency Group of the German Economy e.V." in 2014. Salus is now one of the 28 first companies in Germany which were welcomed as members by experts of the German ministry of the environment, German ministry of economy and the association of the German chambers of industry and commerce.

In 2000 Salus was one of the first subscribers of the project "Medicine and endangered species conservation" of the foundation World Wildlife Fund WWF. The purpose of the project is to take only that many wild growing healing plants from the soil that does not endanger their existence. In 2003 the WWF together with the magazine Capital awarded Otto Greither with the title "eco-manager of the year". In 1999 our environmental officer and technical factory director Thomas Günther was awarded the environment prize by the Bundesdeutscher Arbeitskreis für Umweltbewusstes Management - B.A.U.M. (German environmental management association), honouring his achievements for preventive environmental protection in the company group.

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