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Salus – a world of health

Salus holds a world-leading position in the market for natural remedies and food supplements.

Tea and herbal blends, tonics and drops, tablets, lozenges and fresh plant juices from Salus Haus are popular all over the world and set the quality standard for natural health care and nutrition. The company has for many years steered a successful course for international expansion, which has also helped to secure and expand production in Germany. The company's quality products are distributed to over 60 countries around the globe and own subsidiaries in Chile, Great Britain, Italy and Spain. More than 40% of the total turnover is now obtained through export. The specialists in our Salus export department set themselves the enormous challenge of continually securing new markets and partners around the world. Their commitment and know-how ensure that the wishes of every customer are fully met and that global sales continue without a hitch.
The products to be found on most of our export markets are tonics, fresh plant juices and tea specialties.

The constant flow of communication and an exchange of information between Salus and our business partners mean that we can react quickly, flexibly and efficiently to country-specific peculiarities and market developments. The most up-to-date sales routes and methods ensure direct, safe and punctual delivery for the customer – to all continents.

Salus around the world

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65 Export partners

450 Employees

104 Years of business

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