Who we are

For most people it is an inner need - for us it has been a passion for more than 100 years: finding a natural way to be healthy. Knowing about the beneficial powers of nature, we develop innovative recipes that promote health and well-being, using only the best raw materials. We carefully select and gently process them to create outstanding products that will delight you in the long term. From tonics to teas, from drops to tablets: with Salus, you can enjoy the good feeling of doing something for yourself and the environment every day.

The Salus philosophy

Join us on a journey to our test and cultivation fields, our product development and our production in our new corporate film. A journey into the world of Salus, allowing you to get to know the people behind the Salus brand...

What we promise

Few things are as important as health. But in everyday life, we often lose the feeling that health can be something completely natural. The path to a better quality of life leads back to nature, and few know this path as well as we do. We have been following it for many decades, and we explore it anew every day, inspired by our motto "Strength from nature".

This slogan is the core of our brand identity, which we redefined in 2022 after more than 100 years of company history. We have further developed well-known products with ambition, without losing our roots - a tradition that has always characterised Salus. To ensure that this remains true, we make you four promises:

We love people and nature

Our love for people and nature drives us every day to improve the world in a sustainable way. We are convinced that true well-being is only possible in harmony with nature. If we preserve it, it gives us back a thousandfold: with its valuable treasures, which we use for the benefit of people.

Traditional knowledge has a future

Knowledge leads to innovation: And only a few have as much knowledge about the healing and beneficial powers of nature as we do. For more than 100 years, we have been researching its almost inexhaustible treasure trove of remedies. We use this experience to develop and produce innovative formulations that contribute to health and well-being.

Quality is above all else

More than just the best products are created from the best herbs and raw materials that can be found. From selection to testing procedures and production: we provide our customers with the certainty that they are doing the best for themselves and the environment. As a result, we not only increase product quality, but also the quality of life in the long term.

Together we inspire people

We are inspired every day anew to do something good for our fellow human beings and our environment. We work passionately to ensure that people can enjoy life in a healthy way. Together, we develop products that turn our customers into enthusiastic fans of our brand.

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