Salus tea specialties since 1916

Premium quality for health and taste

As manufacturer, Salus attaches great importance to the quality of the herbs. Salus is one of the very few German tea manufacturers where the entire production process from the cultivation of raw material to the packaging lies in one hand. The main advantage is the controlled, careful and gentle elaboration process which allows maintaining the valuable plant substances.

From controlled organic cultivation

The basis of all Salus teas are premium herbs, fruits and spices, coming mainly from controlled organic cultivation. They are carefully selected according to taste and appearance and tested for potential pollution (heavy metals, radioactivity, pesticides, aflatoxins, salmonellae). As a matter of principle we do not use genetically modified crops. 

Diligence and quality control

Regarding the elaboration of the raw materials, the Salus standards exceed the legal requirements by far. The production of all our teas complies with strict pharmaceutical production regulations.

All tea ingredients are subject to an environmentally friendly CO2 disinfestation. Foreign particles and weeds are sorted out by a sorting machine which was especially developed for Salus. These procedures lead to a raw material quality only Salus can guarantee.


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