Schoenenberger natural certified cosmetics

Natural hair and body care
Organic fresh plant juice meets beauty

Based on their own organic plant juices, Schoenenberger has developed a hair and body care line combining valuable herbal extracts and precious oils with the unique power of fresh plants. Thanks to our long tradition, we can refer to extensive knowledge on nature. Our products have a gentle nurturing and cleansing effect. They give their natural beauty to hair and skin.

The excellent skin compatibility of all products was tested and confirmed by an external, independent dermatological institute. Furthermore, Schoenenberger natural hair and body care products fulfil all criteria for "controlled natural cosmetics" according to the BDIH guidelines. Among those count the unambiguous definition of the organic label, raw material standards and controls. In addition, the respect of animal and species protection, the exclusion of unauthorised substances and transparent product information are integral elements. Since January 2017, the products have been certified to BDIH Cosmos. Consequently, you can be sure that Schoenenberger products are real, natural and organic cosmetics.

Our promise:

  • Certified natural cosmetics
  • No synthetic colourings and scents
  • No paraffin and other petroleum products
  • No silicones
  • No PEG-emulsifiers
  • No parabens
  • No animal tests according to EU regulation


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