Save water

An economical use of water is self-evident for everybody at Salus: from the sanitary installations and the production process to the cleaning processes of machines and rooms.

Wherever possible, we use water more than once. Through the optimisation of cleaning processes (cleaning validation) we have been able not only to reduce the concentration of cleaning remedies, but also to maintain the specific use of water at a low level. And all that in addition to the increased requirements in hygiene!

Some examples of how we save water:

  • The water required for cooling during the production process is afterwards prepared as hot water and used anew. The heat exchangers used are equipped with very big surfaces, so that less water is needed, but higher temperatures are achieved.
  • CIP-units (cleaning in process) with storage: the almost clean last rinsing water is used as pre-rinsing water for the next cleaning process. Cleaning remedies are regained depending on the quality.
  • The toilets in the laboratory are flushed with waste water from the reverse osmosis unit.
  • Laboratory: cooling devices with water circulation are used instead of the cooling with drinking water.
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