Salus receives EMASplus certificate
Environmental auditor Dr. Rau confers the declaration of validity to our Head of Sustainability Management, Mr. Hofstetter (from left to right)

Salus is EMASplus certified!

Integrated sustainability management EMASplus
EMASplus is a sustainability management which is based on the EU Eco-Management and Audit Scheme EMAS, considering, however, not only environmental matters, but also social aspects. In January 2020, Salus and Schoenenberger were the first manufacturers of natural remedies and health products to receive this certificate – yet another milestone in our company history of over 100 years.

It was back in 1996 that Salus introduced a certified environmental management according to EMAS, in order to continuously improve our environmental performance. In 2020 we made a huge step forward: our environmental management system became a holistic sustainability management system. From now on, not only environmental aspects, but also social matters are contemplated and improved systematically. In addition to that, we widen our perspective by integrating not only our own business activities, but also our suppliers and our clients into our management.

Loving humankind and nature

We are convinced that real happiness is only possible when we are in harmony with nature. If we preserve it, it will give us plenty of treasures, which can be used for the benefit of humankind. We want to live sustainably by following these three principles:

Being passionately sustainable:

If you love nature, you treat it with care and conserve its resources. Therefore, all of our company’s activities are based on being climate-neutral: We produce our own electricity from hydropower and solar energy. We use waste heat from production for heating purposes. We use river water for cooling purposes. And we preserve the ecosystem in our Auwald biotope, located on the shore of the river Mangfall.

Being human – for generations:

Today’s generation continues the legacy of its founders: It can shape a company whose activities are based on long-term orientation and sustainability, being well-prepared for the future. In this regard, a culture of humanity is of fundamental importance to us. No matter if we engage in our own company or in various social projects, locally, regionally, and globally.

Being connected by responsibility:

For generations we have been closely connected with our employees and partners. Our company sites are a piece of home for us, in which we invest continuously. If we want to act in the best interest of humankind and nature, we need to exceed the legal requirements by far. Therefore, we voluntarily commit ourselves to continuously improve our performance in environmental and social matters.

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