Dr. Thilo Haßler, authorized representative at Schoenenberger, signs the WIN-charter in the presence of environment minister Franz Untersteller

Schoenenberger sets the seal on more commitment for sustainable management

The Schoenenberger plant juice factory is the new member of the business initiative for sustainability in Baden-Württemberg - WIN. In the presence of environment minister Franz Untersteller, Dr. Thilo Haßler, authorized representative and scientific head at Schoenenberger, signed the declaration of membership of the network for sustainability.

By signing the WIN-charter the manufacturer of natural remedies and natural cosmetics commits to the guidelines for sustainable company management, determined in the charter.

„The business initiative for sustainability offers to be a platform for a responsible treatment of the environment and for the identification with the region“, says minister Untersteller in his speech to the signing companies. Due to the implemented measures to save energy, the photovoltaic systems and the support of regional organic cultivation, Schoenenberger has already a leading role in environment protection and sustainable company management. In 2016 the company, which is based in Magstadt, was awarded with the environment prize of the federal state Baden-Württemberg.

With the twelve guidelines of the WIN-charter the companies commit themselves to the fundamental values of sustainable management, e.g. the increase of resource efficiency and the decrease of the use of natural resources. In these points, as well as in the use of renewable energy and the increase of energy efficiency, Schoenenberger is already considered exemplary.

Accomplishments for the ecosystem as added value for the region

The guidelines of the WIN-charter encourage companies to generate an added value for the region in which they manufacture. Also social aspects, e.g. promoting the well-being of the employees, play a role in the WIN-charter.

For the last 90 years Schoenenberger has provided an important contribution to society in the region. On the one hand the manufacturer of natural remedies offers safe jobs. On the other hand an added ecological value is created for the densely populated region, as the accomplishments for the ecosystem, which are produced more or less as a „side effect“ of the diversified ecological cultivation of healing plants, help to promote biological diversity.

In the production of most fresh plant juices, Schoenenberger’s principle is „from the field to the bottle in a few hours“. The transport routes from the fields in the direct surroundings are short and save resources.

After joining the business initiative for sustainability, within 3 months Schoenenberger will present the concept for the WIN-charter as well as a local project regarding healing herbs and nature protection.


Background information: 150 companies have signed the WIN-charter Baden-Württemberg until now. Member companies are e.g. AOK Baden-Württemberg, Ensinger Mineral-Heilquellen GmbH, fischerwerke GmbH & Co. KG, but also big companies like EnBW AG or Daimler AG. Also nationwide and in neighbouring countries the WIN-charter attracts great interest, according to the ministry of the environment. A middle class study by Ernst & Young showed that 79 percent of companies consider the topic sustainability to be „very important“ or „important“.

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