Say goodbye to yo-yo effect and feeling hungry

Nobody has to hunger to become slim and fit. With the right alimentation, exercise and some coolness, the weight will go down all by itself.

Metabolism and weight are closely related: for persons with an active metabolism, the reduction of weight is easier. How active your metabolic rate is depends on different factors. The age plays a role, the sex, exercise habits and alimentation. You cannot change anything about your age and sex. But sure you can about the variables exercise and alimentation. The pivotal point is the energy balance: who ingests more energy (calories) with alimentation during the day than he or she spends, increases in weight. Excess calories are stored as fat. The target is to eat satisfactorily with fewer calories, in a healthy way and with pleasure. And at the same time see for more exercise, reduce stress and thus stimulate the metabolism.

Alimentation – satisfied and vital with fewer calories

The body has to attack its fat reserves, if you want to reduce weight. A healthy alimentation, rich in vital substances and satisfying with few calories, consists of plenty of fruit and vegetables, some meat, fish, seeds and dairy products, some fat from vegetable oils, nuts and seeds, and after 4 p.m. only few carbohydrates such as pasta, bread or muesli. During the day, your body needs carbohydrates for its work. In the evening those just increase the blood sugar level and consequently the hormone insulin blocks the burning of fat. To assure that the insulin level does not close the doors to your depots during the day, you should not eat carbohydrates in between the three main meals. Sugar and alcohol are a taboo. For a well-functioning metabolism you need to ingest at least 2.5 litres of liquid per day, e.g. unsweetened herbal tea infusions, water or diluted fruit juices. Determined healing plants have a stimulating effect on the metabolism. In the form of tea infusions or pressed juices, they are a good accompaniment during weight reduction.

Exercising keeps slim and healthy

If you do some exercise every day and activate your circulation, you burn more calories. The effort also helps to increase muscles which are the most important fat burners. Depending on your physical condition, the daily training unit can range between a 30-minute-walk with increased tempo up to intensive endurance training. Suitable are jogging, walking, biking and swimming. Exercise is a basic need of the human being. Your performance increases, you become more flexible and are even-tempered. Sports also release "feel-good-hormones". You will see!

Stay cool

Fasting makes fat. Your body does not know that you "just" make a diet. When you stop eating for a longer period of time, your metabolism becomes slower. It sees to get along with less and stores reserve fats for hard times. At the same time it releases proteins for rapid energy provision, which are above all muscles. Those however are needed for fat burning. This so-called yo-yo effect leads to shipwreck every radical diet. The same applies for stress. Stress hormones such as cortisol, favour stomach fat. The body prepares itself for the "permanent fight" with full reserves. So, who would like to reduce weight, should also see for his or her mental balance. No hunger, no stress. Allow yourself have a pause and relax from time to time. See for sufficient sleep and allow yourself oases for recreation, which also means a happy meal from time to time. If you normally see for a good alimentation and sufficient exercise, your body can easily deal with such a "cheating day" per week.

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