The Gaia Herbs team

Export customer of the year 2023

The award goes to Gaia Herbs in the US!

Our exclusive partner in the US, Gaia Herbs, won our award "Export Customer of the Year" in appreciation of the strong growth of Salus products achieved in 2023.

"As a privileged partner of Salus, we gratefully champion the advancement of the premier liquid iron brand in the U.S. 2023 unfolded as a remarkable chapter, expanding our reach to new audiences through dynamic social media and online initiatives. Anticipating future milestones and expansion, our enthusiasm is ignited by the recognition of our efforts, propelling us forward." (Gaia Herbs)

In addition to the existing products, including our classic Floradix Iron + Herbs, known and loved for many years, together with Gaia Herbs we were able to introduce two new products to the US market in 2023: Floradix Iron Sport and Floradix Ashwagandha. These products also marked the launch of our new packaging design in the US, with all the other products to follow shortly.

Thank you very much for your efforts and the pleasant cooperation. Our heartfelt congratulations go to the entire Gaia team, looking forward to lots of news in 2024!

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