Grafik, wie das Biomasseheizwerk einmal aussehen soll.

Salus is building a new biomass heating plant

New building project in Bruckmühl
For decades Salus has been a pioneer in sustainability and climate protection. We are now taking the next consistent step building a biomass heating plant for a further significant reduction of our emissions. The local building board of Bruckmühl recently gave the green light for the construction project.

Salus has been producing teas and tonics in Bruckmühl since 1968. Even at that time, the existing hydroelectric power plant was the decisive factor in choosing the location, making it possible to generate our own clean energy. The topic of emissions reduction is still high on Salus' agenda today. We are committed to a climate protection strategy: Avoid emissions - reduce unavoidable emissions - neutralize all remaining emissions. With success: environmentally friendly technology has been in use in all areas for many years. As a result, Salus has been producing climate-neutrally since 2019. And the company continues setting ambitious targets.

Our own heat generation - using renewable raw materials

The power supply of Salus has already been completely regenerative and CO2-neutral since 2002. Most of the emissions that cannot be avoided at present come from heating with natural gas. This is exactly where the new construction project comes in: With our own biomass heating plant at the Bruckmühl site, around 1,500 t of CO2 can be avoided annually. Fossil natural gas is replaced by wood, a renewable raw material. Salus uses, for example, waste wood that can no longer be used elsewhere or screenings from a regional composting plant.

Supported by the municipality of Bruckmühl

The municipality of Bruckmühl gave the green light for the project in mid-March. The construction of the biomass heating plant will begin this year, and it is expected to go into operation during 2023. Managing Director Dr. Florian Block is thus consistently pursuing the sustainable path that company owner Otto Greither had already followed for decades: "7.5 million €, that is one of the largest investments in the company's history - but one for the future of our children and grandchildren. Because only if we act now as quickly as possible will we be able to achieve the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement and limit global warming to 1.5 °C. At the same time, the renunciation of natural gas as an energy source or an independent energy supply is more relevant than it has been for a long time. With the construction of the new biomass heating plant, we want to strengthen our Bruckmühl location. Therefore, we are very happy that the municipality supports the project. “

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