Dr. Ulrich Mautner

Special tonics

Formerly, alcoholic-aqueous solutions were the preferred way to extract the active principles from plants and to preserve them. That this is also possible without alcohol, shows the innovative range of Salus tonics. The former head of the scientific marketing, Dr. Ulrich Mautner, explains the advantages of these liquid preparations.

Gesund bleiben Magazin ["Stay Healthy Journal"]: At Salus, the focus lies on tonics without alcohol. What else has changed in comparison to traditional preparations?

Dr. Mautner: The organoleptic parameters. Let’s say, the medicine should not taste bitterly. Therefore, Salus sees about the taste. Fruit juices with the note of the corresponding herbal extracts are the basis of the tonics, i.e. natural raw materials from agricultural production. The ingestion of tablets and capsules is experienced while a tonic instead can be tasted. The ingestion is more natural and linked with a great mindfulness.

Gesund bleiben Magazin: How natural are the tonics?

Dr. Mautner: Salus claims to manufacture its products as naturally as possible. That is a great challenge, especially for the tonics. We completely renounce from synthetic preservatives. Nevertheless, the product is durable and the ingredients are fully available. Without long-time scientific research and a huge know-how, this would not have been possible.

Gesund bleiben Magazin: Regarding the compositions, whereupon Salus lays importance?

Dr. Mautner: Salus not only considers medicinal plants, but also the nutrients as health-active ingredients. This is valid especially for minerals, vitamins and trace elements. The important thing is a composition that makes sense. An example is the provision with iron. Here, "Floradix® mit Eisen" offers a tolerable provision with the nutrient which is effective also with a low dosage. The herbs in the mixture are composed in a way that they support the tolerability and digestive properties of the product. This shows the principle of the tonics: one can support the main issue of the effect with the right minor issue.

Gesund bleiben Magazin: You have already mentioned the dosage. Which are the quantities of vitamins and minerals that should be ingested from food supplements?

Dr. Mautner: We see our products in a way that people have to care for a good alimentation first and then individually complement with food supplements. For the nutrients, we orient ourselves on the physiological needs. We do not see our objective in forcing high quantities, but in providing the right measure for the body and consequently the optimum for performance.

Gesund bleiben Magazin: Salus lays particular emphasis on sustainability. Which role plays organic cultivation with the tonics?

Dr. Mautner: We want nature to be as intact as possible. Organic cultivation is the consequence. It is our aim to use organic quality wherever possible. That is the best way to impede pesticides. Whenever possible, Salus uses natural vitamins, as e.g. vitamin C from the Acerola cherry. All vitamins and minerals used in our products are of pharmaceutical quality.




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