Salus Media Award 2021

Salus Media Award 2021: The expert jury chose the winners of the 12th Salus Media Award at a hybrid event in Munich

On 21 October 2021, the Salus Media Award 2021 gala took place for the first time as a hybrid event at the Munich Künstlerhaus am Lenbachplatz. From over 120 applications regarding organic farming and climate-friendly living, four were selected by the expert jury and awarded at the celebratory event.

In Munich, the laudators, nominees and Salus representatives came together for the presentation of the 12th Salus Media Award. Janine Steeger guided the audience on site and the large number of online participants through the gala event with great ease and expertise. In his opening speech, Salus Managing Director Dr Florian Block emphasised that this year's applications not only highlight the numerous challenges in the field of agro-genetic engineering and agriculture, but also show new and creative solutions that can have a positive influence on current developments.

Overview of award winners and their projects

Main Award
Toralf Staud and Nick Reimer: "Deutschland 2050. Wie der Klimawandel unser Leben verändern wird” (Germany 2050: How climate change will change our lives). Book
In their book, the authors provide concrete answers, based on scientific findings, to the question of how climate change will convert and influence our lives in Germany in the future. By describing everyday scenes, the two authors make it vividly clear how relevant the topic of climate protection is for all of us right now.

Special Jury Award
Anna Marie Goretzki: “Projekt Sanitärwende - Wenn Kot zu Kompost auf dem Acker wird” (Sanitation turnaround project - When excrement becomes compost in the field). Radio feature
In her radio feature, the author shows what a still largely unknown resource, full of valuable nutrients, our excreta represent and explores the question of how a different way of dealing with it could succeed.

Young Talent Award
Maike Wurtscheid and Franziska Pfeffer: “Planet e.: Der Milliarden-Bäume-Plan” (The Billion Trees Plan) Documentation
The film explores the exciting question of what extent and in what form reforestation projects can really have as a long-term benefit for our climate.

Otto Greither Special Award
Professor Urs Niggli:"Alle satt?" (Everybody full?) Book
In his very exciting book, Prof. Urs Niggli outlines a visionary plan for how world nutrition could succeed in the future.

The jury

- Mascha Kauka: former publisher and founder of the AMAZONICA Foundation

- Valentin Thurn: author, journalist and documentary filmmaker (including "Taste the Waste")

- Dr. Ulrich Mautner: former head of scientific marketing at Salus

- Dr. Katharina Reuter: Agricultural economist and managing director of Bundesverband Nachhaltige Wirtschaft BNW e.V. (German Sustainable Business Association)

- Prof. Dr. Jan Grossarth: author and professor for bio-economy and circular economy

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