PRIMAKLIMA certification

Our two facilities in Bruckmühl and Magstadt received the PRIMAKLIMA certification for being a "climate-neutral facility"

What does that mean in practical terms?

Emissions of our local business activities, which we cannot currently avoid or reduce, are compensated elsewhere by planting trees. We take into account not only the direct emissions generated at the site (e.g. by combustion processes), but also the indirect emissions, e.g. in the supply chain of fuels or due to line losses.

“Climate-neutral facility” means for us that the entire remaining emissions caused by our electricity and heat supply, as well as the vehicle fleet are compensated.

Therefore we support a reforestation project in Uganda. This project makes an important contribution not only to climate protection, but also to the regional preservation of natural biodiversity and poverty reduction. A particularly promising concept which is tested there is the creation of tea fields. As wild animals do not like the tea, they do not eat or destroy the plants. Families can create a new, sustainable source of income by growing tea.

PRIMAKLIMA is a non-profit association which has planted over 14 million trees in the past 30 years in order to reduce CO2 concentration in the athmosphere. It pursues a holistic sustainability approach and is currently active on 4 continents. Its international projects give benefit especially to those population groups which have hardly contributed to climate change, but are often particularly affected by its consequences.

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