From left: Christoph Hofstetter (Head of Sustainability Management at Salus) had the pleasure of receiving the award in Berlin on Sept. 27, 2022, with Tasja Klahn and Dr. Robert Borgdorf (both ORION Pharma) and Dr. Aldo Ammendola (Weleda).

Salus wins BAH sustainability award

At the end of September, the German Association of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers (BAH) awarded a sustainability prize for the first time in their history. Salus were the proud recipients, as one of the first companies to receive this award, for their highly efficient refrigeration system.

Refrigeration energy is needed for the production of medicinal products. With a system developed by Salus itself, refrigeration can be produced particularly efficiently. An intelligent control system ensures that the cooling water is as warm as possible and the "used" recooling water is still as cold as possible. The smallest possible temperature difference between these two factors makes the system so efficient. For every degree of temperature difference, 4 % more energy would be needed. From one kWh of electricity, up to 14 kWh of cooling can be generated in the system.

The Triftbach stream, which flows through the Salus site, plays a decisive role in the recooling process. For many decades, the company has been using it to generate green electricity from hydropower. Now the river water is also used as cooling water for the newly built cooling plant. In the process, the waste heat input is so low that the river water temperature only rises by 0.06°C. The cooling plant replaces several older systems for cooling at the Salus site in Bruckmühl and supplies both the new production building and existing buildings.

This efficiency gain also convinced the jury: "The technical optimisation of the cooling generation concept exceeds previous solutions by far. Cooling supply and room air conditioning are becoming increasingly important in industrial and public areas. Salus' innovation can make a significant, energy-efficient contribution to adapting to climate change."

Salus was one of three companies to receive the first BAH Sustainability Award. With this award, the family-owned company once again underlines its role as a pioneer - especially in the pharmaceutical industry - and wants to inspire other companies to find sustainable solutions.

Salus donated the prize money of € 10,000 to Bergwaldprojekt e.V. and PRIMAKLIMA e.V. for reforestation projects.

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