Award for Complementary and Alternative Medicine in Romania

Our longtime partner in Romania, company S.C. Phyto-Sapiens SRL, recently received the well-respected award for complementary and alternative medicine for their work with Schoenenberger Fresh Plant Juices. 

Once a year, the international congress for alternative medicine takes place in Bucharest, Romania. It is organised by the "Uniunea practicienilor de medicina alternativa din Romania" (Union of Alternative Medicine Practitioners in Romania). This year, Schoenenberger has been awarded in the sector “efficiency and uniqueness”. In preparation of the congress, a presentation was held by our distribution partner in Romania, lecturer Mrs. Simona Bostan from company S.C. Phyto-Sapiens SRL. Main subject of the presentation was the particularly rapid effectiveness of the Schoenenberger fresh plant juices with certain pathologies.

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