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The Salus capsules and tablets have many positive effects: they calm the nerves, strengthen the body's own immune function, promote vitality and increase potential - energy and strength for a healthy life. Capsules and tablets have over the years made a significant contribution to the supply of medicines and to their safety. Strict licensing regulations and the high level of checks and controls ensure the quality of the product and lead to improved safety for the consumer.


Please note that the product descriptions on this website are related to the German products or, in case a product is not available on the German market, related to the Canadian products. Therefore the product descriptions may vary from the actual product packaging available in your country.

Product Information

Iron Supply Capsules

  • Floradix®  Kräuterblut Tabletten mit Eisen

    Floradix® Kräuterblut Tabletten mit Eisen
    (Floradix® Tablets with Iron)

    Iron, vitamins and herbs for well-being and increased vitality: Floradix safeguards against iron deficiency in adults and children.

Mineral tablets

  • Salus Salubalance Tablets

    Salus Salubalance Tablets

    Combination of basic minerals

    Salubalance Tablets contain a considerable combination of mineral salts to support acid-base metabolism and maintain digestive health. An ideal supplement for those with busy or demanding lifestyles, those who may not have a balanced diet, smokers, or those with an excessive alcohol or caffeine intake.

  • Salus Dolomite Tablets
    (Saludynam Tablets)

    Calcium Magnesium Tablets

    Exceptionally suitable as a food supplement. Salus Dolomite tablets contain calcium and magnesium. These minerals are responsible in the body for bone, tooth, connective tissue and organ cell formation.

More Tablets & Capsules from Salus

  • Gallexier® Herbal Tablets

    Gallexier® Herbal Tablets

    Practical in the office and out and about:

    the tablets contain medicinal plant extracts that stimulate the flow of bile and the digestion of fat.

  • Good Night Herbal Tablets
    (Salusan Herbal Tablets)

    Good Hight Herbal Tablets calm you down naturally and help find sleep and relaxation easily.

  • Salus Mormodica® Diabetic Tablets

    Salus Mormodica® Diabetic Tablets

    Together with coumarin low cinnamon, momordica fruit powder is a valuable phyto-complex for healthy sugar metabolism. Additional trace elements make Salus Momordica® Diabetic Tablets a sensible dietary addition.

  • Salucur® sabal-pumpkin capsules

    Salucur® sabal-pumpkin capsules

    The extracts of the saw palmetto strengthen and protect the bladder tissue. Vitamin E and magnesium from the pumpkin strengthen musculature.

  • Knoblauch-Mistel-Weißdorn-Vollextrakt-Kapseln

    (Garlic-mistletoe-hawthorn extract capsules)

    Traditionally support the circulation.

    The specific combination of garlic, mistletoe and hawthorn is particularly recommended to support the organic health of the circulation system.

  • Augenschutzkapseln
    (Eye protection capsules)

    Traditionally used to prevent night blindness.

  • Saluscor® Herzschutzkapseln

    Saluscor® Herzschutzkapseln
    (Heart protecting capsules)

    Triple protection for your heart:

    hawthorn improves the oxygen supply to the heart and supports heart performance. Vitamin E increases the heart’s ability to withstand daily pressures, thus reducing the organ’s aging process. The third element: magnesium.

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