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In many countries tea is far more than just a drink, it is an established part of the culture. The preparation and consumption of tea often have a ritualised, ceremonial character. Quite apart from the cultural context there is a sensual dimension to the enjoyment of tea: drinking tea warms the body, calms the nerves, strengthens the spirit, and enriches life with pleasant aromas and comforting sensations.


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Product Information

Salus herb and fruit tea blends

  • Paradies Tee

    Paradies Tee
    (Paradise Tea)

    Fruit tea, aromatised with natural vitamin C

    Our most popular tea for many years: three cups of Paradise tea a day help to achieve your required vitamin C intake

  • Gutmorgen


    Aromatised herbal tea.

    Helps you to wake up and makes you ready to enjoy the new day: the cheery fruity herb!

  • Abendstimmung

    (Evening Mood)

    Aromatised herbal tea.

    A cup of this herbal tea helps you to switch off and relax when your work is done.

  • Anis-Fenchel-Kümmeltee

    (Aniseed-Fennel-Caraway tea)

    Certified organic

    Popular with old and young: this tea from aniseed, caraway and fennel tastes good and increases your feeling of well being

Salus herbal teas

  • Schafgarbe Tee
    (Yarrow Tea)

    For slight cramps in the stomach, intestine and gallbladder, for stomach catarrh and to stimulate the appetite.

  • Zitronenmelisse Tee
    (Lemon Balm Tea)

    A delicate, sweet, light lemony herbal tea – relaxing in the evening.

  • Salbei Tee
    (Sage Tea)

    For inflammation of the mouth and throat mucosa and digestive complaints.

  • Johanniskraut Tee
    (St. John's Wort Tea)

    To support the treatment of nervous anxiety and insomnia.

  • Kamillenblüten Tee

    Kamillenblüten Tee
    (Camomile Flower Tea)

    One of the most popular teas. From pure camomile blossom. Increases well-being.

  • Pfefferminz Tee

    Pfefferminz Tee
    (Peppermint Tea)

    Particularly rich in valuable essential oils, Salus Peppermint offers a typically, cool, spicy, very aromatic minty flavour.

  • Anis-Fenchel-Kümmel Tee
    (Anise-Fennel-Caraway Tea)

    Anise-Fennel-Caraway Tea helps with digestive complaints, cramps in the stomach/intestine region or with airway illnesses.

  • Brennessel Tee
    (Stinging Nettle Tea)

    To increase the amount of urine and to support the treatment of urinary complaints.

  • Hagebutten-Malvatee
    (Rosehip Mallow Tea)

    Morning or evening: acidic and refreshing rosehip and mallow tea relieves thirst – hot or ice-cold.

  • Massai Tea
    (Rooibos tea blended with lemon oil)

    A fine, aromatic rooibos tea enriched with ethereal lemon oils. The popular Massai tea has over 40 years of tradition at Salus.

  • Mate Tee, grün
    (Maté Green Tea)

    The mild, spicy South American national drink stimulates body and soul.

  • Zitronenverbena Tee
    (Lemon Verbena Tea)

    Native to the Mediterranean region, wonderfully refreshing lemon flavour. A delicious tea that puts you in a good mood!

  • Lindenblüten Tee
    (Linden blossom Tea)

    For cold illnesses and associated coughs.

  • Fechel Tee
    (Fennel Tea)

  • Löwenzahn Tee
    (Dandelion Tea)

  • Weißdorn Tee
    (Hawthorn Tea)

  • Zinnkraut Tee
    (Horsetail Tea)

Salus medicinal herb teas

  • Alpenkraft® Kräutertee

    Alpenkraft® Kräutertee
    (Cough and bronchial herbal tea)

    The hot tip for any cold – for young and old!

    The tea contains medicinal herbs that work on the upper air passages. It releases and brings up phlegm to relieve a dry cough.

  • Nieren-Blasen-Tee N Kräutertee Nr. 23
    (Saludiure Herbal Tea)

    This medicinal herb supports the urinary tracts. Stimulates the function of the kidney and bladder.

  • Verdauungstee Kräutertee Nr. 18
    (Gallexier Herbal Tea)

    Superior combination of medicinal herbs that assist digestion, to stimulate the metabolism and the digestion of fat.

  • Vollmer’s präparierter Grüner Hafer Tee N

    Vollmer’s präparierter Grüner Hafer Tee N
    (prepared Green Oat Tea)

    Green oats and the stinging nettle and alpine lady’s mantel herbs stimulate the excretion of urinary acids and other metabolism waste products, stimulate dehydration of the tissue and reduce water retention in the body. The tea is delicious and easily digestible.

  • Slimmer's Tea no 24
    (Kruidenmengsel No. 24)

    Herbal tea blend for slimming cures.

  • Gutnacht-Tee N Nr. 33
    (Salusan Herbal Tea)

    For promotion of calm sleep.

Salus gourmet teas

  • Strawberry
    (Fruit cocktail)

    Delicious and fruity - a mild, deep red tea specialty. Hot or cold - an enchanting delight.

  • Elderflower - Apple

    Harmonic fruit tea with the light aroma of elderflowers.

  • Cool Cassis

    Refreshing herb and fruit selection with black currant and a touch of mint.

  • Choco Sweet Chili

    An extraordinary tea blend: slightly bitter cacao shells with delicious spices and a touch of chili.

  • Ginger - Lime -Lemon

    Combination of refreshing citrus fruits and spicy ginger, herbs and spices - for an intensive sensation of taste.

  • Green Masala

    Indian spice tea blend with fine aromatic herbs and a slight citric touch.

  • Ginger Orange-Spicy

    A sensual tea experience: fruity and spicy ginger combined with orange peels and premium herbs.

  • Magic blossoms
    (White tea)

    Delicious composition of herbal tea with slightly scented flower petals and white tea (Pai Muh Tan).

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