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Vitality and regeneration for body and mind - Salus tonics are beneficial compositions which taste good, protect health and increase natural vitality. The healing power of many medicinal plants has been known for generations. Salus has developed this knowledge further by bringing together specific medicinal herbs into their liquid preparations. Salus tonics support and strengthen the organs and functions of the body as well as metabolic processes.


Please note that the product descriptions on this website are related to the German products or, in case a product is not available on the German market, related to the Canadian products. Therefore the product descriptions may vary from the actual product packaging available in your country.

Product Information

Iron Supply

  • Floradix® mit Eisen

    Floradix® mit Eisen (Floradix® Liquid Iron Formula)

    Iron supply for health and vitality

    To increase defensive capacity and for good oxygen supply. Fruit juices, herbal extracts and wheat germ extract make Floradix®Liquid Iron Formula easily digestible. For women, especially during pregnancy and lactation, but also for young children, adolescents, athletes and the elderly. No alcohol or preservatives.

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  • Floravital® Liquid Iron & Vitamin Formula

    Floravital® Liquid Iron & Vitamin Formula

    Yeast and gluten free.

    Iron supply for the whole family.
    No alcohol or preservatives.

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  • Multi-Vitamin-Energetikum N

    Multi-Vitamin-Energetikum N (Epresat Multivitamin Energeticum)

    Your daily vitamin requirement in two teaspoons.

    Epresat Multivitamin Energeticum only contains natural vitamins, particularly vitamins A, C, E and D, selected herbs and trace elements. No alcohol or preservatives.

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  • Kindervital for Children

    Kindervital for Children (Classic Formula)

    Help your kids grow healthy and strong

    Liquid multivitamin formula for children, containing vitamins A, B, C, D & E and calcium. No alcohol or preservatives.

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  • Kindervital for Children

    Kindervital for Children (Fruity Formula)

    Floradix Kindervital Fruity Formula provides the same nutrients as the classic version but with a great fruity taste. So even the fussiest child will enjoy it. The formula is free from gluten. Of course, the product does not contain any chemical additives.

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  • Salus® CranBlu® aktiv Cranberry-Spezial-Tonikum

    Salus® CranBlu® aktiv Cranberry-Spezial-Tonikum

    With Acerola Vitamin C

    Immune system and cell protection
    - Well tasting
    - High quality

    Natural Vitamin C from the acerola cherry contributes to a normal function of the immune system and cell protection from oxidative stress.


  • Calcium Magnesium Mineral Drink

    Calcium Magnesium Mineral Drink (Saludynam®)

    Delicious mineral concentrate

    Liquid Calcium Magnesium Formula, containing Zinc and Vitamin D. No alcohol or preservatives.

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  • Calcium Mineral Drink

    Calcium Mineral Drink

    Delicious mineral concentrate

    Calcium, an essential nutrient, is involved in many biological processes in the body. Indispensable for bones, teeth, muscle and nerve activity and blood coagulation. The drink contains extracts from carrots, rose-hip, mango, among others. No alcohol or preservatives.

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  • Magnesium Mineral Drink

    Magnesium Mineral Drink

    Delicious mineral concentrate

    Magnesium activates important enzymes and is responsible for health and well being. No alcohol or preservatives.

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Herbal bitters without alcohol

  • Gallexier® Kräuterbitter

    Gallexier® Kräuterbitter (Gallexier® Herbal bitters)

    An excellent apperitive and aid to digestion

    Gallexier® stimulates the stomach-intestine function and helps with pressure on the stomach, nausea, feeling full and flatulence. Artichoke leaves and curcuma (turmeric) are the secret of the stomach bitter. The bitters contained control the production of bile and stimulate fat digestion. The extracts of other medicinal plants such as the blessed thistle and wormwood, bitter fennel, camomile blossom, yarrow and dandelion result in better nutritional use. No alcohol or preservatives.

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Herbal cough syrups

  • Alpenkraft® Hustensirup

    Alpenkraft® Hustensirup (Alpenkraft® Herbal Cough Syrup)

    Relieve in case of coughs and colds.

    Delicious cough syrup with valuable medicinal herbs for the throat and bronchial tubes.

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  • Fenchelhonig

    Fenchelhonig (Honey with Fennel)

    Proven household remedy against coughs and hoarseness: helps to bring up phlegm and relieves cramps with its ethereal oils of fennel. Fennel honey protects the sensitive mucous membranes of the respiratory organs with its disinfectant effect. Very popular with children. No alcohol or preservatives.

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  • Spitzwegerich Sirup N

    Spitzwegerich Sirup N
    (Salullant Plantain Syrup)

    Plantain promotes excretion, is anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. The juice can prevent coughs, hoarseness and mucous congestion. Produced to protect active agents, finished with bees honey, it is suitable for children. No alcohol or preservatives.

More Salus Tonics

  • Salusan® N

    Salusan® N (Herbal Rest)

    Natural herbal preparation

    Supports the circulation and helps to strengthen the nerves and heart. Salusan® N helps to ensure good sleep and mental and physical relaxation. No alcohol or preservatives.

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  • Salucur® Sabal-Kürbis-Kräutertonikum

    Salucur® Sabal-Kürbis-Kräutertonikum
    (Sabal Pumpkin Herbal Tonic)

    Support of a healthy urinary system

    The valuable herbal tonic calms the irritated bladder, reduces urinary discomfort and improves bladder function. Suitable for men and women. No alcohol or preservatives.

  • Sibirischer Ginseng-Elixier

    Sibirischer Ginseng-Elixier (Siberian Ginseng Elixir)

    The ‘taiga root’ with a cleansing and naturally invigorating effect: to strengthen defensive capacity and the immune system. Stimulates the metabolism and increases performance. With 15% volume alcohol.

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  • Pagosid® Teufelskrallen-Tonic

    Pagosid® Teufelskrallen-Tonic
    (Pagosid® Devil’s Claw Tonic)

    Support joint health and maintain comfort

  • Darm-Care

    Darm-Care (IntestCare)

    For healthy intestines

    Salus has developed IntestCare as a food supplement on the basis of knowledge of preserving digestive health. It is based on a unique combination of magnesium with plant extracts and essential oils which act on the bowel and contain essential secondary plant substances.
    IntestCare is not a laxative!

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  • Herz-Schutz Tonikum

    Herz-Schutz Tonikum (Protecor)

    Helps maintain a healthy heart and circulation.

    Liquid supplement containing Hawthorn, Magnesium, Vitamin E, Red grapes and Pomegranate.

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Salus Herbal Tonics
Floradix® mit Eisen
Iron supply for health and vitality
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